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Medical SPA Center Royal Falke Resort

Your health and beauty is our job!

Wellness medical SPA Center Royal Falke Resort & SPA takes up 1000 square meters on the two floors of the main hotel building and includes aqua zone and interior garden. The whole range of SPA Center services was developed by medical specialists and is based on the latest SPA research in the sphere of health and beauty. Modern equipment in the fitness area, in SPA rooms, body aesthetic studios is chosen together with SPA Research Institute (USA) based on Hollywood beauty rehabilitation methods and the latest Russian discoveries in the sphere of nano techniques for health keeping.

Specialists of our medical center are experts in modern technologies in physical therapy and medical fitness — a new word in medical rehabilitation. In our recommendations we stress the importance of harmonious combination of relaxation and sleep in Health Programs. All programs are based on regulation of daily rhythms of the body (which helps to keep you healthy for long years). Equipment used in the Center is made in France, Italy, Germany, and USA and is used abroad by famous sport clubs and clinics. This sport and medical equipment is unique for Kaliningrad market of medical and fitness services.

We use natural mineral water and peat mud for some medical SPA procedures carried out under supervision of a spa doctor. Cosmetological programs with use of Sothys (France) and Royal (Japan) cosmetics will interest those clients who want to see the immediate effect after the first procedure.

Recommendation on preservation of health from Royal Falke Resort & Spa doctor:

Spend your vacation in search of natural melatonin

Physician Tamara A. Mishchuk, M.D.

Principle No.1: we respect diurnal body rhythm. Research has shown that those who go to bed early (around 10 p.m.) and rise with the first sunlight produce the highest amount of melatonin during the night and feel more energetic and efficient the next day. But to sleep at night is only the half of success. The second important thing is to get as much light as possible during the day. Walks in historical streets of Svetlogorsk and on the beach during any season will be of great benefit.

Principle No.2: eat products rich with melatonin. The highest melatonin content is in oats, corn cobs, rice, barley, tomatoes, and bananas. If your goal is to sleep soundly you should eat these products an hour before going to bed. Additionally it is necessary to eat products rich with carbohydrates — bread, potato, pasta. These products stimulate production of insulin and you will feel peaceful and sleepy — exactly what is needed in the evening.

It is important to observe two conditions: carbohydrate ‘sleepy’ supper should be taken on empty stomach and there shouldn’t be any proteins in it. The effect will be stronger if there will be less fats as well. That means that pasta should be taken with vegetables and tomatoes, potatoes should be baked in skins with a pinch of salt.

Principle No.3: comfortable bed: mattress, pillow, linen. It is preferable to sleep on orthopaedic mattress and pillow, as they work both towards comfortable condition for sleep and rehabilitation, thus helping to produce melatonin. Anatomic pillow helps to relax collar zone and shoulder girdle. We should take into account all particularities of human body — e.g. shoulder breadth, neck length, body weight and even favorite position during the sleep.

The pressure is calculated for all surface of orthopaedic mattresses, i.e. it is calculated what kind of pressure the mattress will take from different parts of the body. So your body will not have to adjust to the mattress, on the contrary — the mattress will help you to sleep in the most comfortable position.

Bed sheets made of natural materials will also help tosleep better; itiswonderful tolet sateen ornatural silk sheets tocaress your skin. Good night and sleep soundly!      

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