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Business & Relax in European style

The hotel has well-developed business facilities with high-tech equipment for organizing events of various levels: business meetings, conferences, trainings, presentations, corporate recreational events. We are working on the new direction – business tourism.

Business infrastructure of the hotel





Round table

Price for 1 day

Big conference hall

145 sq.m

40 people

80 people


45 people

30 000 rubles

Medium conference hall

63 sq.m

25 people

60 people

25 people

30 people

20 000 rubles

Small conference hall

30 sq.m

10 people

18 people

15 people

12 people

12 000 rubles

The hall is equipped with: multimedia projector, flip chart, acoustic system with microphones (incl. wireless), device for reading DVD, CD, VHS.
There is internet connection in congress zone (WLAN and Wi-Fi).
There are several schemes for seating of the participants.
Interior garden with possibility to install any modern equipment for various events: from presentations to seminars, conferences and wedding ceremonies. Number of people – up to 70, several seating schemes.
Negotiation room for meetings, seminars and presentations. Number of people – up to 20.
Banquet hall for meetings, negotiations, presentations, formal dinners. Number of people – up to 20.
When the event is for more than 100 people we use closed restaurant or bar zones which also can be technically equipped for events of any level.

Congress services

Simultaneous interpretation
Technical support - 1st hour 2000 rubles, 300 rubles each additional.

Prices for congress services

Conference hall with equipment and technical support
1st hall (main conference hall) – 20 000 rubles
2nd hall (negotiation room) – 8 000 rubles
3d hall (negotiation room) – 8 000 rubles

If you book the main hall the hotel will also provide one negotiation room for free.

Coffee break for 1 person: 350 or 150 rubles
Lunch (set meal) for 1 person: 870 rubles
Dinner (set meal) for 1 person: 870 rubles
Gala-dinner for 1 person without entertainment program: 2500 rubles

Our corporate clients


What can you do in Svetlogorsk?

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Weather in Svetlogorsk


Contact us

Royal Falke Resort & Spa 4*

Lenin St. 1b

Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad Region

Tel. / Fax: 7 (40153) 2-16-00, 2-16-05

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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